We believe a thriving, modern homestead is a destination worth visiting

Senza-nome is an outdoor “homestead hotel” in-the-making — nestled in the lush Blue Ridge Mountains less than one-hour’s drive west of Asheville, North Carolina. As an eco- and design-forward offering, senza-nome will feature relaxing communal areas and creative spaces, including an organic vegetable garden, free-range chickens, active bee hives, a yoga/meditation studio, as well as a space dedicated to skill-building workshops and retreats.

As accommodation, guests will have a number of options, from cozy, wood-heated canvas tents, to self-pitched “bring-your-own-tent” campsites. An experience is what we’re seeking, and we intend to offer our guests a fresh take on the age-old tradition of camping and living off-the-land.

Stay tuned. Our first BYOT campsites will be available this fall.


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our mission is to IMMERSE each guest in THE NATURAL WORLD

We’ve lost sight of where food comes from. What free time feels like. How to build with our hands.

With a thoughtful blend of affordable hospitality, education and farming, our goal is to help each guest experience a simpler way of life and potentially even gain a skill or two. We will achieve this by hosting hands-on workshops and attracting those thirsty to learn and experience a homestead… as well as artisans, yogis, farmers and educators eager to share their knowledge. Also, just by being out in nature. That’s our mission!




Our philosophy is to honor simple, natural beauty

We strongly believe that simple, natural beauty is the best starting place when looking to dissolve your woes. We will show respect for nature not by leaving it alone, but rather by living among it and making it a part of our daily wellbeing and offering. Therefore, the concept of working with nature’s simple beauty will be our 'north star' with regard to just about every single decision made on the homestead.