We are a young couple with a passion for thoughtful design, the outdoors and community. After living the greater majority of our lives in metropolitan cities across North and South America, we have decided to exit the modern workforce and pursue our dream of building a homestead — a place for urbanites like us, or really anyone, to learn more about homesteading and living off the land. Our intention is to share this adventure with friends, family and strangers. Why? Because we believe a symbiotic relationship between humans and nature exists, and that ultimately true happiness and quality of life can be found within this relationship.



Sebastian grew up in Santiago, Chile and moved to New York after meeting William in 2013. Professionally, Sebastian’s work experience has been in cultural management and production, as well as language education, although he has recently immersed himself in our pursuit-to-homestead and most notably graduated from the Brooklyn Botanic Garden Master Compost program. He has also been dabbling for some time now in woodworking and construction.



William grew up on the east coast and has spent the last 13 years in New York City. Nine of these years were spent in the professional world of brand strategy and business operations, while two were spent bringing to life a top-rated backpacking hostel in Miami Beach. Although, in the last two years William has reignited his passion for the creative arts and the outdoors by immersing himself in floor loom weaving and a handful of NYBG classes, including landscape design, beekeeping and the fundamentals of gardening.




8 weeks (and growing) of hands-on Workaway farm experience
A Master Compost Certification from the Brooklyn Botanic Garden
27 hours of continued adult education at the New York Botanic Garden
50+ hours of volunteering at our community garden and within the “green” industry
6-week High Sierra Permaculture ‘Sustainable Homestead Roadmap’ Course

8+ years of brand strategy, operations and business consulting work experience
6+ years of cultural event management and production work experience
2+ years of ‘ground-up’ hospitality management work experience
2+ years of educational work experience, ages 18+

Formal education in sociology, business administration and advertising
A passion to make a difference in our community and beyond
English, Spanish and Italian-speaking
Extensive reading and research