business model

How will we make money?

Primarily through our hospitality offering and the sale of our nightly accommodation. Maintaining an affordable offering ($25-150/night) is very important to us, and so operating costs will be first and foremost when building out our offering. Supplemental income will also be generated on-property by way of meals and farm product (e.g., honey, produce) as well as special events, educational programming and corporate retreats.


investment strategies

  • Beyond a frugal-first, up-cycling mentality, we have developed an iterative investment strategy so that each [high-value] purchase builds upon the next

  • We are also open to exploring a “timeshare” investment strategy — for example, allowing “founding” donors who meet a minimum donation (yet to be defined) to stay on property with one additional guest for up to five nights every year over the next ~8 years at no cost

  • Explore green energy partnerships with local utility providers (e.g., wind, solar)

  • Explore paid sponsorships with brands that align with our values (e.g., DripWorks)

  • Explore partnerships with government entities like the USDA to source land, funding and assistance

  • Develop a formal Permaculture Design Certification course on property

  • Recruit “influencer” artisans and individuals to host specialty educational programming and events



  • As Master Composters, we would like to allow for the local community to donate to, participate in and benefit from any on-site composting that takes place

  • Explore guest incentives, e.g., declining “housekeeping” will earn you an incentive (e.g., we will plant a tree in Patagonia via

  • Explore updating a live list of “hard-to-find” or desired items on the website/Instagram (e.g., a specialty book/magazine, foreign foods) and any guest who brings said item will receive a discount on accommodation and/or meals