land requirements

As we begin to source a final location for senza-nome, it’s imperative we settle on a plot of land that delivers a promising, sustainable future for our business. Taking into account our research, and somewhat limited experience on the matter, we have developed an initial point-of-view on both mandatory and “nice-to-have” land requirements.




  • Asheville, North Carolina

  • Portsmouth, New Hampshire

  • Nashville, Tennessee

  • Olympia, Washington



  • Must have fully-owned and direct access to property

  • Must have year-round legal access to a potable water source

  • Must have legal access to an electric utility connection

  • Must be appropriately zoned for a residence and business

  • Must be “off-grid” friendly (e.g., permits use of compost toilets and solar)

  • Must be a property/state/county which allows for non-traditional homes and structures to be built (e.g., yurts, safari tents etc.)

  • Must have year-round county maintained roads

  • Must have a minimum of 7 acres, ideally as follows:

    • 5+ housing / business

    • 2+ arable land / pasture

    • With or neighboring 1-20+ forested/protected land or water

  • Must have clean, fertile soil with little to no contamination risks

  • Must have some portion of direct (southern) sun exposure

  • Must have cell reception


  • Existing structure(s) (e.g., small cabin, barn, fencing)

  • Privacy from neighbors

  • Liberal / progressive community

  • Natural soundscape

  • Primarily gentle-sloping

  • Low fire and flood risk

  • Unobstructed views

  • Seasonal or year-round creek / natural spring

  • Within 45 minutes of a hospital, grocery store, post office and hardware store

  • Within 2.5 hours of a major airport and city

  • Within 30 minutes of a major road / highway

  • Full title search and history of the land

  • A++ position on any land easements

  • Timber rights

  • Mineral rights