Our guests will have a choice between a number of unique, well-designed, affordable accommodation. 

  • Reception area

  • Indoor/outdoor kitchen

  • Off-grid, self-pitched camping

  • Tree tents

  • Bell tents

  • Common areas / event spaces



To build on the overall experience, we will host educational events and workshops for both guests and the public.

  • Seasonal farm tours and annual harvest events

  • Workshops and weekend intensives (e.g., weaving, beekeeping, chickens, canning, floral design, landscape design etc.)

  • Special and private events / dinners

  • Meditation and yoga retreats

  • Farming apprenticeships

  • Youth summer educational opportunities

  • Corporate events



Furthermore, we will aim to be as self-reliant as possible, with both plant and animal husbandry. 

  • Organic herb and vegetable gardens

  • Fruit/nut trees and orchards

  • Cut flower and grass gardens

  • Chickens and organic eggs

  • Beekeeping and honey

  • Mushroom forests

  • Sheep and cows


Our strategy with accommodation is to have a range of options — in size, price and comfort. We will also cap our overnight guest count at 24 guests, although to start we will have a much smaller number and over time will build toward that maximum count. This number is so that we can maintain quality control and of course foster a personable experience. Each guest will have the option to simply relax and do nothing, or get involved with any number of activities or workshops taking place on the homestead. Comfortable common spaces, clean bathrooms and facilities will all be available.

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