Target audience

Senza-nome is purposefully an inclusive, non-discriminatory business and destination. As such, we can only hope to attract a number of guests and employees from all sorts of backgrounds and experiences. 

In place of articulating aspirational demographics, we’ve chosen to articulate here what we might imagine to be common interests and curiosities among our guests and team members.  

  • Not afraid to get dirty or out in nature

  • Curious and willing to learn

  • Creative at heart

  • Willing to throw caution to the wind

  • Budget conscious

  • Mindful of price vs. quality

  • Willing to pay a “premium” for a unique experience

  • Less driven by material items

  • Appreciates craft, artistry, design and global culture

  • Appreciates nature, recycling and being low-waste

  • Maintains personal passions or hobbies

  • Animal friendly