Our Team

Senza-nome will be sustained by a knowledge-exchange staffing platform. As such, we hope to reduce overhead by engaging local talent and knowledge as much as needed, but also by tapping into short- and long-term work-exchange platforms such as WWOOF and Workaway. We will intentionally seek out those with “white-space” skills, meaning those who can bring or teach a skill that does not currently exist on property, and of course a skill that supports our overall vision. This model may ebb and flow seasonally and could include anything from bio-construction and animal husbandry, to growing cut flowers and open-fire cooking.

That said, we are actively seeking partners to help build the foundation of senza-nome — namely in the form of a Master Builder and a Master Gardener. If you believe that may be you and our vision calls out your name, then please send us a note and say hello!



A key component to bringing senza-nome to life will of course include physically building out the space. To complement our skills, we are seeking to connect with experienced, qualified architects, carpenters, contractors, woodworkers, concrete gurus and builders of all sorts.



Knowledge of land, flora and fauna will also be a key element to the success of senza-nome. We now have a seed collection of over 20,000 seeds and are seeking to connect with experienced gardeners, horticulturists, arborists and growers of all sorts to help bring the farming component of our offering to life.

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To inject art and culture into our space



To experiment with fresh-from-the-garden meals


YOGIS & friends

To share knowledge and wellbeing